Open Sesame: Distance Sensing and Unlocking Doors w/ Bluetooth

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I’m still pricing out building materials and trying to find the right supplies so in the meantime I’ve begun work on some of the smart home features I’d like to have. I want to be able to walk up to my door, hands full with groceries, and just push it open. To make this happen I will have a Raspberry Pi pair with my phone and then use the bluetooth RSSI (a measure of signal strength) to determine my distance. When I (really my phone) am within 5 feet of the door I want it to automatically unlock for me. […]

Getting Started: Buying a Trailer

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  This Wasn’t Supposed to be An Adventure…   I decided to purchase from Tumbleweed despite the additional cost simply because of how well built their trailers are. At 26′ long this thing is GIGANTIC. 4 Welded in scissor jacks allow me to not only level it for construction but reduce the weight on the tires to prevent long term flat spots. The box around the wheels allows me to build directly over the wheels instead of between them allowing me to build my tiny home significantly wider than I otherwise could. And on top of that it is fully powder coated […]